Get to know us


andienoon-photoCreative director Andie likes to dabble in arty stuff, creating mixed media illustrations and has held her own solo art exhibition at Bassendean in 2012. Andie is also a bit of a nutter when it comes to helping animals in distress and more often than not ends up pulling over her car to rescue a lost pet. Her favourite beverage is Normandy Cider and if you get her one of those, you will be featured as our top client in our office notice board.

Her work experience has been with fashion illustration, graphic design, social media and sales management. She majored in marketing, print and video production at University and has always been involved with the sales strategies at the businesses she has worked for.

Andie loves gardening, playing dress up with her little kids and relaxing at the beach on her days off.


phil-noonOur digital manager Phil is a technical specialist. We often lose Phil to the world of complex codes which seem to appeal to him immensely. Phil has experience as a web designer, multimedia developer and an analyst programmer for large enterprise. Phil has certification with ITIL IT service management and is currently studying IT Networking so that his networking skills look good on paper as well.

He has a keen interest in interactive media design and the future technologies and like all Geeky people gets very exited about emerging technologies. Needless to say conversations can generally tend to go that way with him and when it does we hand him a pint of Stella and he starts to talk non -techi stuff. He likes to spend as much time as possible at the beach with his family on a hot summer day and enjoys mountain biking. Phil also likes to create wooden toys for his kids on his days off


lexie-carOur Maskot – Lexi is our dear little dog who is a cross between a Shitzu and a Jack Russell and yes she is very very scruffy. She is a very determined posh
little cat dog whose best friend is a cat called Fin who lives two doors from our house.

Lexi has great social and diplomatic skills, which is why she goes up to all fellow walking dog and hardly barks at the odd barking dog when she goes past them. Lexi also maintains a very strict Free range chicken meatball only diet and snacks occasionally on peanuts and anchovies. Lexi likes to sleep a lot on her days off.