About us

We are a heart centred creative studio that helps businesses on a mission to create positive impact in this world and spread joy.

Here to help you

We’re here to help you with a website, graphic design, branding design and social media.

Our background

We are a team of digital media professionals with a combined experience of over 20 years.

Our team

You will be working with our small but talented team of dedicated professionals. We understand the needs of our clients, as well as the trends driving innovation.

Our team has a wide range of skill sets and backgrounds to ensure we are best positioned to help our customers be successful.

Our passion is to design digital marketing solutions and business re-branding to give your business an edge in the market place. We have super-awesome design skills to create brand identities, signage, posters and digital media.

Our Values

We know how important it is to fill this beautiful planet with positive changes, optimism and good design.

When we come across individuals, startups or organisations with similar goals and ideals we love to help them create bespoke, impact oriented, memorable brands.

We want to reflect their ideals and their unique business essence, so it speaks to their specific target audience with authenticity.

We don’t just build brands, we like to create experiences and get to know the people behind those brands and what drives them to be part of that brand.

Scruffy Dog Studio is a family business, so family plays a big part in the daily runnings of the business. We understand the joys, tribulations and creative juggles families go through, so we try to keep things flexible for our clients with young families.

We keep it local, homegrown and support people working with us to work from any location as long as they stay focussed, on track and help us deliver amazing projects for our amazing clients every single time.

We at Scruffy Dog Studio care about who we work with and we are not afraid to go the extra mile for our clients but with our little kids and furry friends – its why we started this business and we are sticking with it!

Business Responsibility

We take our business responsibilities very seriously to ensure integrity and trust are always present with our clients.

Cyber security, document management and keeping our client’s confidential information safe is of utter-most importance to us.

We take the due consideration of our carbon footprint and try to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. Our social responsibilities include Andie teaching art and mindfulness to kids at her local primary school. We are very conscious about the impact of social media and we always ensure our messages cannot be interpreted in a negative way or offend anyone.