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A Classic and Meaningful Brand

Creating a business from the ground up can be a big feat so when Jennie approached us to help her launch a new venture we were ready to support her with our business knowledge as well as our branding and technical expertise.

Jennie decided to create her own business rather than buy an existing business as we worked through the business consultation we provided and she realised it would put her in the best position for success.

Originally she was going to get a makeover for an established business by starting from scratch we needed to work on everything from the business name right through to branded printed and online products. We started out with absolutely no brand so we had a clean slate to start with.

Working with a clean slate is a dream for most designers as it gives us the best room to set our creativity free.  

We started with the name as we know that once we have the perfect one everything else will flow from here. Jennie was in a quandary about what to use but she had a very clear idea of where her passion for bakery had come from – her Grandma.

Sitting in the kitchen of her Grandma’s cottage with the daisies blowing in the wind in the garden and delectable smells wafting from the oven was a vivid memory for Jennie. This memory that inspired her to bake is what we used for inspiration for her business name. We settled on Daisy’s Little Bakehouse and it immediately resonated with Jennie, It fits perfectly doesn’t it?

As we worked through the branding process we used the brand voice and style that we had carefully crafted to design a branded logo, social media templates and banners and stationery.

Alongside these products we rounded off her package with a mobile responsive, SEO friendly, e-commerce website along with hosting and ongoing support.

As with all our clients we were able to be flexible with our services, Jennie booked a last minute expo and we needed to bring back the deadline for all her work as well as creating a banner for the day. We can happily say that we made sure Jennie had everything she needed for the Bridal Expo on time with a no stress approach.

As with all our clients Jennie has a comprehensive style guide so she knows exactly what to use and when. She never has to second guess whether something will fit with her brand or be searching for the right colour or font.

She will also have the backup of the Scruffy Dog Studio team to keep her brand up to date and fresh whenever she needs.

Whether you need to refresh your current brand or create a new brand from scratch we would love to chat about your needs. You can get in touch with us here.

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