Creating An Aligned Brand

Faye is one of those passionate women who has a multitude of talents and is a master of many things. When it came to her online presence, there was a lot going on. She came to us here at Scruffy Dog Studio to help her consolidate her offering and create a consistent image that she felt covered all the areas of her business.

Leaving the details in our hands, we quickly got to work on the process to create her aligned branding. As part of her wish list, Faye needed a new logo, business cards, opt-in with e-book, audio files edited, branded PowerPoint presentation, booklets, flyers, Facebook banner, social media backgrounds, hosting and domain, as well as monthly support.

With all the businesses we work with, we like to really hone in on what they do and get a good feel for the heart of the business. Spending time in Faye’s beautiful space and meditating together was one of the perks of our job this time round and that is hard to beat. And it makes our workflow so much better and allows us to really understand our clients and their businesses.

So, after tuning into the right colours and feel for this unique client, we were able to create a logo which was perfect.

It embodies everything about the business that Faye was looking to capture in a simple and beautiful design.

For the business cards, we wanted something different. For these cards, we chose to go with a circular shape using special high quality 350gsm paper and a custom finish. These are so much more than a business card; they are a work of art and when Faith hands them out, she can be assured they send exactly the right message.

Ordering these business cards was a bit of a tricky scenario for Scruffy Dog but we like nothing better than taking a problem and finding a solution. During our process of working together, Faye needed to put everything on hold while she dealt with some other priorities. Like a loyal dog waiting for you to return from work, we were happy to do this. When Faye picked up the project again, we had a short time deadline which is normally not a problem. But these special cards we devised usually have a month’s turnaround time.

We needed them in 3 days and we did it.

We phoned all our suppliers and called in so many favours and Faith had her cards ready for her trip overseas. We also helped her out with a whiz-bang branded conference PowerPoint presentation which we worked hard editing and also ensuring it worked seamlessly at her seminar

We also worked hard to finish all the behind the scenes work, not only for her branding and website but also so Faith would have her resources to take with her. Using the beautiful branding we had created, it was like icing on the cake to hand over all her presentations and documents with the time deadline.

Her website content was refreshed and updated and Phil spent time tweaking her opt-ins so they worked without fail and gave her audience a chance to sample what she does. We bought all the facets of her business together and gave it one consistent feel and message.

Peaceful Parenting

Faye has chosen to go with one of our monthly support packages.

This gives her hosting, website security, SSL certification, backups, updates, content edits and a few other magical technical support stuff. This is a great option for businesses that may not have the time to allocate to backend IT support. Faye is able to rest assured that we have her back and will be keeping a close eye on everything for her. She is also able to call on us to add to her collection of opt-in and documents and have them consistent with her current branding.

If you are looking for professional monthly support that will leave you feeling secure and worry free, get in touch with us here at Scruffy Dog Studio today.

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