wedding website restored

Addon domain and DNS muddle fix

Scruffy Dog Studio came to the rescue when our valued client changed her main website to another domain that is hosted with the same provider. The group of websites are hosted with Bluehost and the domains with GoDaddy,  firstly the redirect was removed from one domain to another and instead I added the Name Server […]

website SEO

Medispa SEO website enhancement

Scruffy Dog Studio work with a variety of businesses to improve search engine page ranking (SERP). We do website updates for on-site search engine optimisation (SEO) and website updates to for design and content to a range of WordPress themes and templates. We worked with Iconic Medispa to fix a number of DNS (domain name […]

google SEO

Dentistry website – SEO Fix

Scruffy Dog Studio made SEO fixes for Iconic dentistry. Website and Google settings were fixed and search engine marketing was implemented on page content, page meta data and Google snippets. We implemented micro data for better local search listing and AMP for improved mobile content. Needless to say there was a huge increase in click […]