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Google Chrome Security Changes

browser website security In late 2017 Google started rolling out changes to Google Chrome (Chrome 56) to warn users on non-SSL sites that the web page is not secure.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers and refers to the connection to your website being safe and any data it collects being encrypted to protect users.

Why has it changed?

Google’s purpose in making these changes is to improve the security of the internet for both users and website owners.
Three main areas where poor security can have an impact:

Authentication – An SSL certificate can help to prove that a user is at the authentic domain.

Data integrity – Data to and from the web server is encrypted to make it harder for a hacker to understand.

Page Ranking – Websites that have an SSL certificate can be ranked higher.

What does this mean for website visitors viewing your site?

For sites without https visitors will start to get a notification that accessing this website may not be secure and may compromise their privacy. For many visitors this will mean they will choose to click away from your site and find somewhere more secure to make their purchases and do their web browsing.


What does it mean for you as a business?

It is important that your site meets all the requirements of the new changes otherwise you could start to notice a decline in website traffic. Website visitors are important for all businesses but especially those who want to use their sites to make sales and sell their services.

Where to from here….

It’s not as tricky as it may all seem, you simply need to ensure you have your SSL certificate correctly installed. This will ensure your website is protected properly and visitors will be safe on your site.

It is possible to do it yourself but if you want peace of mind you may want to get some expert advice for your specific site.

Often business owners have an SSL certificate installed but their site is not configured correctly and is sending out content over mixed Http and Https, in which case the green padlock will not display.

If you are one of our current monthly maintenance clients we have you covered, we are already putting in place the changes your website needs to ensure you keep ranking highly in Google and your site is performing at optimal level.

However, if you have happened across this blog and need some assistance you can get in touch with us here and we can advise what you will need to do with your site and how we can help you.

You can also find more information on these changes here.


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