Id4kids branding design

Part of the client journey is a brand questionnaire to establish important details of what the client wants to achieve and details about their product or service.

These products are designed to help easily reunite children with their parents (guardians) in the event they get separated or lost. Our Temporary Tattoos are fun for kids to wear, and makes it very easy to figure out who to call to get them back to their parents.


The logo design process involves designing concepts based on the mood board, colour pallet, fonts and imagery. A brand style guide was also designed to show how the logo can be used on different background and images.

Final logo design

Logo concept designs

Facebook page design

For this client social media is the main way of reaching customers. Facebook and Instagram post template designs were made for ongoing consistent brand styling.

Business card design

Business cards are a great way to share business details and a good design is memorable and aligned with brand styling.

Packaging Design

The products are packaged and posted in designer packaging to addfurther value to the product and increase customer experience.