Pingelly Recreation & Cultural Centre website design

To design and develop a website for the organisation to showcase their new facilities and provide local residents and members with an online resource to make function bookings, register for PRACC and gym membership, view events, find out about the region and local sports clubs.

The online memberships are for various age groups and gym use. The paper-based membership forms were digitised and custom developed into the checkout for ease of use and administration workflow. A member account area was designed for users to update their details and submit photo ID. The membership payment system uses Stripe and is automatically renewed on an annual basis with some conditions. PRACC wanted to be able to make manage and update the website so it was developed with a user-friendly page editor and training was provided.

Project Specs

  • Website design
  • WooCommerce development
  • Custom developed membership subscription
  • Membership for gym and facilities
  • Annual subscription
  • Booking forms for facilities
  • Easy for management to update content