Search Engine Marketing

Organic (non-paid ads) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a big deal when investing in a website and your online marketing. Digital real estate (Google's first few pages) is highly competitive and getting click throughs is just half the battle.
To get a new customer lead, your website needs to convert your potential customer to contact you.

Google Impression

We personally get a big sense of achievement when our clients' contact forms are running hot. It shows that 2 main things have been done right: SEO and website design. The search results click through achievement is partly due to the customised Google snippet that contains the page title and description. When a customer sees a search impression, you want to present them with a friendly and useful snippet of information. 

For this article I'm using Sugar Art Edible Images, a branding and website project that was delivered last year, as an example. This is our clients feedback:

"My website is amazing and you can sure tell when the SEO kicks in and my emails are constantly pinging
I have high high recommendations for this fabulous company. Andie and Phil  your talent and hard work behind the scenes is proven with the results that we are receiving at Sugar Art Edible Images."


Getting Top Search Ranking Australia wide

There are a large number of factors to get your website ranking high. For a start, the older the domain age the better. If you have a technically better web site than your competitors but you're new on the market; that doesn't mean Google will rank your site better. For highly competitive search terms, you might be looking at over a year to rank well for a 'big head' (non-specific) search, such as 'plumber'. Usually a customer would be logged into a Google account and would be served local search results as a default filter, which can help.

At Scruffy Dog Studio we analyse your business for the best search terms, we do keyword research and of course design a beautiful website.

google analytics graphIf you sell a product Australia wide you would want to be found in a search from anywhere. A good way to get traffic to your website is with social media, but you maybe limited to leverage organic search results and great website design if you have limited time and budget.

Tenella gets most of her customers from Perth and 5% -10% from other Eastern states. With her website we focused on the design of optimal user experience and the best use of keywords in the meta data and page content.

As you can see in the above graphic, there are a number of paid Google Ads. Tenella has never paid for Google Ads that can cost $100's to $1000's per month. She got a really good website done right and only pays the essential running costs. 


Google Analytics

These graphs are from Google Analytics and show website traffic and user behaviour. A really useful insight is goals, this shows customer behaviour between 2 points. Usually the primary landing page is the home page so I use that for the start of the goal and then a contact or booking form for the goal.


Over the last week Tenella got 44 customers who went from the home page to book online and 22 customers sent her an online enquiry. This graph is just a dashboard graph, the stats can be used with location and referrals to see where those customers. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another awesome tool provided by Google. Online marketers can see where a site got search impressions and click throughs.

Google Analytics Certification